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Theseus Or Hercules? :: essays research papers

Theseus or Hercules?      Theseus is generally deserving of imitating. He was an incredible saint in Athens. "Theseus was, obviously most courageous of the bold as all legends seem to be, however dissimilar to the different legends he was as caring as he was brave." (p. 159). Theseus too was a man of valiance, astuteness and real quality. Hercules then again was what all Greece with the exception of Athens generally appreciated. He was solid yet wasn't excessively brilliant. Hercules never thought of the outcomes that his activities would realize before he finished them.      First, Theseus was solid. He battled numerous awful unpleasant beasts, for example, the Minotaur, "..a beast, half bull, half human.." (p.151), what's more, went on numerous extraordinary endeavors, for example, the Quest for the Golden Fleece. Theseus demonstrated his incredible quality in experiences, for example, the one with the Minotaur. Hercules was additionally engaged with numerous extraordinary undertakings in which his incredible quality was appeared. Hercules was a lot more grounded than Theseus, yet Theseus compensated for this little misfortune in different manners.      Second, Theseus was extremely shrewd. Due to his extraordinary insight the Athenians, individuals who esteemed idea and thoughts, picked him and not Hercules as their legend. Theseus got away from the Labyrinth and slaughtered the Minotaur. Not one or the other of these errands were simple and required somebody with inclination not at all like Hercules. Theseus consistently considered things and used sound judgment. Hercules' stupidity was appeared on numerous events, for example, when he slaughtered his family and his music instructor. Theseus' acumen is one truly significant quality which makes him progressively deserving of imitating.      Third, Theseus was exceptionally courageous. Truth be told he went on such a large number of incredible outings that an expression experienced childhood in Athens "Nothing without Theseus!" (p. 149). At the point when it was the ideal opportunity for Theseus to look for his dad he would not pass by water " But Theseus would not pass by water in light of the fact that the journey was protected and easy." (p. 149). Theseus demanded to take the route via land. His thought was to turn into a saint as rapidly as could be expected under the circumstances, and he achieved his objective by freeing the place that is known for all the banns to voyagers on his approach to discover his dad. Theseus had numerous other experiences. He was on the Argo, in the Caledonian chase, just as numerous others. Hercules likewise had numerous experiences yet his were regularly the aftereffect of his own

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How Is Waste Management Affected By Socioeconomic Factors? Essay

How Is Waste Management Affected By Socioeconomic Factors? Outline. One of the most squeezing natural issues confronting the present reality is the issue of waste administration and removal. This issue crosses every single universal fringe and contacts the lives of the entirety of the world’s people groups. Squander the executives envelops everything from assortment and taking care of to removal by burning, landfill and different strategies, and reusing. Additionally included are the genuine related ramifications for the wellbeing of individuals and the earth. As waste delivering exercises continue and heighten, the world network will be confronted with hard decisions on the best way to best oversee and discard squanders. These choices ought to be founded on hard science and sound administration rehearses. In any case, there are geopolitical measurements to be found in the dynamic procedure of waste administration and removal. The reason for this examination has been to decide how geopolitical components influence squander the executives on wo rldwide and nearby scales. In particular, this examination has been guided by taking a gander at how social and monetary variables influence worldwide and national waste administration rehearses. By taking a gander at the different parts of waste administration, this examination has confirmed that dynamic is incredibly influenced by financial components. Squander removal rehearses are demonstrated to be straightforwardly connected with the degree to which a country or locale is industrialized, or created. This examination presents proof, both factual and recounted, that squander removal, burning, landfill site determination, and a considerable lot of different territories of waste administration are surely connected with ethnic, racial, local and national contemplations. This examination presumes that internatio... ...t. Lee, G., A. Jones-Lee (1998). â€Å"Addressing Justifiable NIMBY: A Prescription For MSW Management.† Landfills and Water Quality Management. W2. â€Å"Japan Blamed For Coercing Thai Incinerator Purchases.† W3. â€Å"Medical Waste Incineration Banned In Argentinean Capital.† W4. â€Å"Highest Dutch Court Calls Ship ‘Toxic Waste,’† (2002). W5. â€Å"Greenpeace Intercepts European Ship Attempting to Illegally Dump Toxic Waste In Turkey,† (2002). Mitchell, D. (1998). â€Å"Lives of the Saints: The Loneliest Shipper.† New York Magazine. Suro, R. (1998). â€Å"Pollution-Weary Minorities Try Civil Rights Tack.† The New York Times. Earthy colored, P. (2000). â€Å"What A Waste!† The Guardian.

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GeneS Personal Identity - Free Essay Example

Like many teenagers, Gene Forrester, Finny, and their friends struggle to define their identities. Word War II hinders their teenage lives and forces them to define themselves in relation to the war. The boys in the Devon School deal with the chaos different ways; for example, one of the boys, Leper, decides to enlist even though the military contrasts sharply with his nature-loving instincts, and Finny denies the war even exists. In each case, the boys try to define themselves against something in order to be men. Gene goes through the same identity crisis, but his crisis doesnt revolve around the war, it revolves around his roommate, Finny. Genes admiration and jealousy of his friend are so great that he literally loses himself in Finny. Genes personal identity is so wrapped up in Finny that in order to become independent, he has to destroy his roommate. The novel A Separate Peace by John Knowles is told from the point of view of the main character, Gene Forrester, as he reminisces back to his days in The Devon Boarding School in New England. After Genes roommate, Finny, shatters his leg due to an accident, Gene learns to accept himself as a separate person and he slowly becomes responsible for his own actions and decisions; at first, Gene was envious of his athletic and charming roommate, but after the tree accident, Gene started coming out of Finnys shadow and became more confident and independent, and by the end of the story he became a very wise and understanding adult. Prior to Finnys leg injury, Gene always followed his roommate around and lived in his successful shadow; Gene looked up to Finny and thought of him as a super-human. Gene believed that everything that Phineas did was perfect, even an action as simple as walking seemed so perfect; as Gene followed Finny, he noticed how he walked on serenely, or rather flowed on, rolling forward with such unthinking unity of movement that walk didnt describe it (Knowles 18). Throughout the novel, Genes main desire was to be more like Finny. Genes jealousy of Finny corrupts their friendship and later on leads Gene to push Finny out of a tree. Some of Genes jealous feelings toward Finny, such as his desire for Finnys carefree charm, are casual; while other envious feelings are more deeply rooted. The deep-seated sense of envy and rivalry that is seen in Gene prevents him from reciprocating Finnys pure feelings of friendship. Although Gene is fascinated by everything that Finny does, his feelings soon manifest into jealousy and Finny becomes more of a rival than a friend. Gene drastically misinterprets Finnys motivations and feelings towards him by thinking, I found a single sustaining thought. The thought was, You and Phineas are even already. You are in enmity. You are both coldly driving ahead for yourselves alone. You did hate him for breaking that school swimming record, but so what? He hated you for getting an A in every course but one last term. You would have had an A in that one except for him. Except for him (53). Before Finnys accident, he nonchalantly trusts Gene and has no hateful feelings towards him. However, Gene deeply resents Finny for his natural charisma and effortless ability to succeed; Genes insecurities and jealousy get the best of him when he decides to purposely make Finny fall from a tree, which completely changes Gene forever. After Finnys accident, Gene was left all alone and he had to adapt to a life without his rival, Finny. Months go by and winter begins at Devon school without Finny, but Gene and the other boys keep moving forward in their lives and they each focus on school and the war. Finnys absence allowed Gene to find his true identity, and he even started thinking about enlisting to the war after his friend, Leper stated that to enlist. To slam the door impulsively on the past, to shed everything down to my last bit of clothing, to break the pattern of my lifeThe war would be deadly all right. But I was used to finding something deadly in things that attracted me (101). As Gene matures he starts to develop his own identity, and he reveals his attraction to deadly things. At first, when Gene agreed to join the war with Leper, Gene was serious, but when Finny came back to Devon and made fun of his roommate, Gene went back to his old habits and decided to follow Finnys lead and stopped believing in the war. After Finny became crippled from his injury, Genes sense of guilt and remorse was evident. When Finny came back to Devon, as a way of gaining forgiveness from himself, Gene did everything that Finny wanted to do: when Finny announced to Gene that he was going to get trained to go to the Olympics, Gene was reluctant at first. But Finnys charm and charisma, once again, got the best of Gene. Soon Gene was running every morning and it felt magnificent. It was as though [his] body until that instant had simply been lazy an accession of strength came flooding through [him] [he] lost [himself] all entanglements were shed, [he] broke into the clear (120). The moment Gene felt the rush of adrenaline while he was running made him aware that he was finally equal to Finny; however, by making Finny his equal, Gene finally started to try to befriend and get closer to Finny. At this point of the novel, Gene finally realizes that his envious nature towards Finny wont get him anywhere and that learning to be independent and moving forward will not only make him better than Finny, but it will also make him feel good about himself. After Gene returns to Devon School and reminisces back to his time as a student in the school, he comes to a realization that he wasted his teenage years being jealous of someone who couldve been his best friend. After Finnys second accident, Gene apologized to Finny multiple times, and only then did he begin to accept the responsibility of his acts. Gene gathers his thoughts later and states that wars were not made by generations and their special stupidities, but that wars were made instead by something ignorant in the heart (195). This quote points out to the readers that Finny was the only character in the novel who wasnt ignorant and that he has never hated or hurt anyone; this conveys another reason of why Gene was always envious of Finnys nobility. Gene only recognized Finnys integrity and generosity after his death, when it was too late. By the end of the novel, Gene realized that Finny was the only person he knew who was never influenced by pettiness or inhibition, he realizes that all of them, all except Phineas, constructed at infinite cost to themselves these Maginot Lines against this enemy they thought they saw across the frontier, this enemy who never attacked that way†if he ever attacked at all; if he was indeed the enemy (204). When Gene finally acknowledges that he killed his enemy, he becomes aware that his only enemy was always been inside of him. This realization is what gives Gene Forrester a separate peace: a peace apart from the regret of having lost a true friend because of his envy and ignorance. Throughout A Separate Peace, John Knowles makes the case that in order to define themselves, people create false enemies out of true friends. When Gene revisits Devon, he discovers that the school is still the same. So while the world was changing, the school remained the same. Unlike the school, Gene continued to grow, and so the very fact that the school remained unchanged made it seem to him like it was different. Gene finds comfort in the fact that he is now a grown up and that he has moved on. Knowles also addresses that accepting ourselves and moving on with our lives will always lead to freedom and forgiveness.

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Tattoo Culture and Influence in Society - 1780 Words

Tattoo culture and influence in society Nowadays, tattoo has been regarded as a sign of fashion. â€Å"A trend that started growing in America and Europe in the early 90s, tattooing soon became so popular that 36% of Americans aged 25-29 had at least one body tattoo by 2003(Julie Genser 2007).† However, tattoo could probably bring health risks to tattoo carrier. Historically, tattoo originally is the nation’s cultural and symbolic, different tattoo pictures have own meaning and even it is a symbol of authority. This paper will argue that the ink of tattoo injecting into our skin has lead to increase health risk. And then this paper will discuss why tattoo is so popular even it is harmful people’s health. Finally, the essay will discuss tattoo†¦show more content†¦Other reason for getting a tattoo is rebellious. For example some young adults and teenagers choose to get a tattoo because their parents simply do not allow or want them to. This is a kind of social phenomenon. They enjoyed the influ ence of fashion and popularity. In addition, even the media regularly glorifies tattoo culture, as evidenced by TV shows like The Learning Channel’s Miami Link and LA Ink, as well as frequent magazine sightings of tattoo sporting celebrities like Angelina Jolie. The tattoo marketers always promote tattoos by sexy super star and attractive man to catch young people’s eyes. This misleads young people to believe that tattoos make them attractive just like those super stars. Therefore, tattoo is a product of marketing propaganda and is a blank of education sector. Tattoo’s influence in society Tattoo is considered as a kind of body art, which is popular because it makes a person feel different, attractive, or special. Tattoo can be reminded of a turning point in their life through tattoos. One especially touching example of this is the 9/11 attack. Many firefighters and police officers have stated that that particularly happening inspired them to get a special patriotic tattoo. This is positive influence in society. There are some different negative influences of tattooing. For example, a tattoo is permanent and can only be removed with a special laser operation that can cost thousandsShow MoreRelatedTattoos : A Form Of Expression1520 Words   |  7 Pages Tattoos are one of the many forms of expression commonly used nowadays. They are used to communicate about a person’s individual identity through art; they serve as forms of expression for an individual’s gender identity, their culture and personal background, as well as their religion and personal prefere nces, all of which shape someone to become the person they are meant to become. Tattoos in themselves are considered by many to be a form of language, diversity in language, and a form of self-expressionRead MoreTaking a Look at the Tattoo Culture786 Words   |  3 PagesUp until recent time’s people adorned themselves with tattoos as a symbol of self-expression. However they are now most commonly used in mainstream culture as a means of self-decoration. Today’s generation of youth are experiencing a positive relation to tattoo culture. As they are in the middle of an increasingly â€Å"tattoo friendly† and â€Å"tattoo flooded† society. The aesthetic value of tattoos has exponentially increased as they become a more legitimate art form and are accepted as fashion accessoriesRead MoreTattoos Have Different Meanings Or Significance1615 Words   |  7 PagesIn various societies, tattoos have had different meanings or significance. They have been popular f or thousands of years in different cultures, as a common form of body modification. They can be symbolic of one’s self-expression, ‘a mark of individuality’, and body alteration as a compelling symbol. (Tiggemann Golder, 2006; Patterson Schroeder, 2010 as cited in Atik Yildirim, 2014). Tattoos have been around for so many years that its existence is unclear thus its origin remains a debate inRead MoreThe Social Change Of Tattoos And Young Adults1511 Words   |  7 PagesChange of Tattoos and Young Adults in the Workforce Body art modification has changed drastically over the last several decades. The negative association that society has with tattoos is beginning to become over looked as the newer generations are adapting more and more. The younger crowd has begun to embrace the tattooed culture either through self-expression or stylistic body modifications, although the social stigmas still remain evident. Despite the military’s current views on tattoos, countlessRead MoreTattoos And The Tattoo Renaissance1554 Words   |  7 PagesWhen studying the history of tattoos, pinpointing the first time a tattoo was seen was almost impossible to do until 1991. An Iceman, named Otzi, was found by German hikers in 1991. Otzi was found covered with at least 57 tattoos (Huffington Post). This is to show that tattoos have been around for more than fifty-three hundred years. Otzi’s tattoos were discovered to be therapeutic and they consisted of lines and crosses all over the body. The next oldest tattoos were found on the Chinchorro mummyRead MoreDefinition Essay on the Term Identity1154 Words   |  5 Pagesdefine such a word, it is better to describe factors that are more directly involved with the meaning of a person’s identity. There are specific and important factors such as: social class, culture, family and society. In essays such as, â€Å"Some Lessons from the Assembly Line† by Andrew Braaksma, â€Å"On Teens amp; Tattoos† by Andres Martin and â€Å"Stuff is not Salvation† by Anna Quindlen each tell stories of identity. The authors, if asked, could define identity as a number of external factors that under givenRead MoreEssay on Body Art543 Words   |  3 Pagespartner, to show of their wealth or social status, or to just make an outgoing statement about themselves. Is body art really a pop culture? Our dissatisfaction with the human body and its covering is expressed in endless change. This results in the desire and adoption of a trend, these trends are shown through ways such as piercing, body painting, and tattoos, Body piercing has grown in popularity over the past five years especially among American teenagers who pierce just about anything thatRead MoreFreedom of Self- Expression: Tattoos and Body Piercings at 16 Should be Permitted1232 Words   |  5 Pagesthat children should have permission to get tattoos and body piercings. I believe that teens should have the authority to get them on our own. The current Texas law states that any person under the age of 18 must have parental permission before getting a tattoo or any body piercing. Identification is required to verify the persons age. I feel that by the age of 16, any student should have the authority to express themselves in a way such as tattoos and body piercings. There are various aspectsRead MoreThe View of Tattoos in Our Society Today Essay1522 Words   |  7 PagesThe View of Tattoos 1 The View of Tattoos in Our Society Today Melissa Oliphant Axia College of University of Phoenix The View of Tattoos 2 â€Å"People who drink, do drugs, have been jailed or do not believe in religion are more likely to be tattooed. â€Å" , said Mom. Is there any truthRead MoreInfluence of Music Essay834 Words   |  4 PagesInfluence of Music Hannah Ferguson HUM/176 Influence of Music Music and radio has roots in American culture and the way society is today. The different types of music genres have shaped American culture and social behavior of Americans. Audio media has had a major affect and influence on the attitudes of Americans and especially today’s youth and young adults. Music and radio has given American culture its values, the way that jazz, blues, and Ramp;B created rock amp; roll, music

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The Death Of The Boy - 1252 Words

Once, a very long time ago, a boy lived happily with his mother. The boy was chubby and small; he had very dark hair and extremely large glasses; he seemed to be a flibbertigibbet, an oddball child with a very introverted outlook on life along with knowledge beyond his years. He and his mother were but simple Dysart folk that brought no harm to anyone, but harm unfortunately came their way in the form of the mother becoming very ill with a stroke. This caused a great deal of difficulty for the boy as his persistently inebriated older brother, Stephen, whom he hoped he would not have to live with, had to become his sole custodian. The boy was only eleven when this terrible thing happened. A few days had passed and Stephen had already†¦show more content†¦The boy shuddered with terror when entering the library, as if someone had walked over his grave. He saw the yellowing wallpaper curling at the corners, the splintered doors and the shabby bookcases that sat in such a way that every person in the library could hear what was being said by anyone. The boy walked to the reception desk nervously and asked the receptionist where he could find any books on magic and ceremonies. To this the receptionist replied with a strong Geordie accent, â€Å"You think we’d ‘av books on that crap in ‘ere? Hmm†¦ you know what, take a look in the corner beside them religious books, you know the Bible and all that.† The boy nodded and then walked briskly, yet silently, towards the Religious section of the library. There he found books on Satanism, Buddhism and Atheism, and finally he came across a book on â€Å"Devout Paganism with Reference to the Deil.† The boy took this book to the reception to borrow it. Wearily, he handed over his library card and dropped the monolithic volume on the desk in front of the receptionist; the dust covering the book flew up and surrounded the boy and the receptionist in a fog whilst the sound reverberated around the whole library causing a disruption to everyone. The boy coughed cautiously as he lifted the book and walked away staring down at the floor. That night the boy started to read the book. He opened the front cover to reveal an engraved picture depicting Norse gods being destroyed by Loki’s demons. The boy

Early Childhood Education System-Free-Samples-Myassignmenthelp

Questions: 1.Briefly describe your interviewee 2.Report on the everyday nature of the interdisciplinary collaboration. 3.Close your discussion by evaluating and critiquing the key Opportunities and challenges for Interdisciplinary Collaborations. Answers: 1.Dr. Kwan Yin Leng Jane is the leader of early childhood education system in Singapore. She has promoted interdisciplinary context in the early childhood education system by delivering her thoughts in the several countries including China, Australia and USA. She is the current principal and chief executive officer of KLC International Institute situated in Singapore. Interdisciplinary Context in the early childhood determines the way of learning through other ways rather than the disciplinary context. Principal of the KLC institute believes in taking and spreading knowledge from the both aspects but for performing different from the crowd, Dr. Kwan supported the method of interdisciplinary context as it includes the mixture of various methods of performing one activity. While interviewing Dr. Kwan, she describes various importance of the interdisciplinary measures used in the education system for children (Porayska-Pomsta, et. al., 2012). The daily routine challenges she faces in th e KLC institute was following rules and regulations that were built by the management of the Institute so that all the activities related to the education or any other department should be performed under the guidelines set by the management. He determines the challenges such as meeting the requirements of the course for the satisfaction of the students perspective and as an educator he evaluates the complexities of the educator to choose the approach for giving the knowledge to the students (Shawande, 2010). Interdisciplinary context defines the alternative or unique way of gathering information of the particular course for getting adequate results. Early childhood education has the benefits as well as losses because children dont get time to learn the things by their own, their parents admit them in the learning centers so that they could get the simple manners to live the life, some basic necessities which will help them in their future life. Parents generally perform this activity because of their busy schedules, so to build strong and developing the qualities of living independently, they adopts this step of getting them admitted for early childhood education. Characteristics of Interdisciplinary Context as per the Dr. Kwan: Interdisciplinary approach of education system helps the student to take interest in the studies as well as they this system helps the children in learning new things quickly and through interesting way. This creates a frank environment amongst the students and faculties which provides chances to the students to interact with the faculty members to gather relevant information to fulfill their curiosity demands (Erricker, 2010). With the use of this approach, student may get the theoretical as well as practical life knowledge that will help the students for their further studies in high school and universities. Using this approach for student understands the meaning and importance of collaboratively performed activities and through this they also gets the knowledge regarding equal accountability for applying and implementing the strategies used for the completion of the task. It also helps the student to improve its learning and communication skills and she also told that KLC institute promotes the usage of this approach and from the very first day of new students knowledge regarding this approach is given to them for better understanding (Marranci Marranci, 2010). 2.Nature of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in everyday manner by Dr. Kwan Yin Leng Jane: As per the principal of KLC institute, there are lot of changes are recorded in the system of education after adaptation of interdisciplinary pattern. This pattern has brings innovation and improvement in the learning pattern of the education system especially for children as well as it has helped them understand things in adequate manner, getting more information regarding their studies. Professionals, teachers, faculties are also concentrating on improving their pattern of teaching and with the help of interdisciplinary context, they have adapted various changes in their teaching pattern and they have also believed in using these techniques so that children could set up their base strong that will be helpful for their further and advanced studies (Wang, et. al., 2010). Collaboration in every activity is must to achieve adequate results and for performing effectively in collaborative activities, every member should be filled with patience, cooperation and understanding. These terms are really important for working for a same task as a team and till the time these would not be found in team members, disputes may arise between them. Dr. Kwan explained that the learning and teaching collaboration program to the children who just have started their studies. Because this pattern helps them to help each other in the completion of the tasks as well as it also helps them to understand the importance of the team performance (Gurses, et. al., 2010). While conducting interview with the Principal of KLC institute of Singapore, she analyzed the basic terms which should be included in the collaboration activities. Firstly team work and understanding towards each team members decision should be available in every team member. This is helpful because the team members are dependent on each other and collaborative work. Till the time, one member will not perform the task as per his talent or skills, task could not be completed. Secondly, patience level and interaction between them is also another necessary factor of collaboration. Having patience is a must need to work in a team for achieving combined goals. And interaction activities help the students to interact with each other and it will help them while undertaking task in a group format (Sumpio, et. al., 2010). For building these qualities in every child so that they could get success in their future life, Dr. Kwan told us that they have appointed experts with adequate knowledge in relevance to the interdisciplinary context. Experts teach the students as well as the faculty members of the institute so that they could also feed the students in future in their absence. Learning environment has been modified with the techniques of collaborative activities under the term interdisciplinary approach. Learning environment is useful for the practical life cycle as it delivers the relevant and necessary information to perform adequately in the practical lifecycle. Dr. Kwan defines the various techniques and features they have adopted in their education pattern for the children to make their base for the education system strong. Learning games, toys, etc. are adopted in the institute which helps them to get new things in easy manner. They have adequate number of teachers and assistants who could look after for them (Tappenden, et. al., 2013). According to Dr. Kwan, as such no development is required in the institutes of Singapore because as per the study patterns, almost every educational and learning center have adopted the interdisciplinary approach for providing better knowledge regarding the courses students have applied for and especially for the children in early childhood centers, senior authorities have adopted these patterns of collaborative practices under interdisciplinary heading very sincerely. The basic theme of the interdisciplinary approach is to provide information in relevance to the theoretical aspect as well as practical aspect and if required more than one model of learning should also be applied to maintain the concentration of the students. Teachers, faculties need to be more reliable on the teaching methods of interdisciplinary context. Some countries like USA and UK have made compulsion in using of interdisciplinary context of children education compulsory (Kreiman Sidtis, 2011). As per the principal and other faculty members of Knowledge for Leadership in Careers International Institute, they are expecting good and adequate results through implication of these strategies in the education pattern. Before implication of the interdisciplinary actions in the educational system, teachers were focused on providing knowledge to the children/students through theoretical method of education system and through that system; students were not able to get all the things adequately and due to which education was declining day by day in the parts of Singapore. As per the education system of Singapore after adopting collaboration approach under the term interdisciplinary context, faculties have started delivering good and innovative methods of delivering adequate knowledge and students are also liking this education pattern and children are happy to get admitted in these types of institutes whereas traditionally, generally students refused to move towards the schools and ot her learning institutes (Friend, et. al., 2010) There is lot of benefits available to the faculty members as well as to the students for using interdisciplinary approaches in early childhood education system. These measure helps the students who are very small in age gets the best opportunity for the development of the strong base for their future. Barriers and strengths are also linked with the interdisciplinary context of teaching in terms of collaborative activities (Bridges, et. al., 2011). These approaches should be monitored timely to extract the issues if any arising or faced by the students or faculty members while implementing them. According to the Dr. Kwans words, they have appointed two mentors in every class especially to determine the issue of interdisciplinary approaches and the issues of the students in terms of interacting with the teachers, teachers way of treating children, etc. and removing those issues on priority basis are the basic duties of the mentors. As per the principal of KLC International Institute, every activity that is linked with the childrens education pattern of the institute is being reviewed by the experts of interdisciplinary approaches. Reviewing by experts is must as they have adequate knowledge regarding the actions performed in those contexts (Kirschner, et. al., 2012). Planning and record keeping activities are performed for analyzing the effects of the collaborative activities so that required information regarding the all students participation could be recorded with their efforts. In collaborative activities, adequate and optimum participation from all the students is necessary for accomplishment of desired objectives. Till the time, everyone will not contribute their efforts for accomplishment of tasks, desired objectives and expected results could not be achieved (Bindler, et. al., 2012). While evaluating the method of collaboration, various findings were extracted in terms of consequences of collaboration of interdisciplinary approach. Using collaboration in the children education system helps the students to gather various information and benefits of working as a team. Children understand the meaning of collaboration through playing the different sports through developing teams. Other consequences of collaboration are it saves the time for performing a single task; conceive better results that is very helpful for bringing improvement in the children education system (Goldsmith, et. al., 2010). After evaluating all the terms and conditions of the collaboration, adequate findings are recorded that it develops the students nature to perform well in the physical activities of daily life. In the external lifecycle of the world after the schools and universities, working cycle i.e. many organizations believe in the collaborative activities only for accomplishment of the goals of the organization. Hence, teachers and facultys setup base for the students to climb up in their life through stepping forward on the ladders of success through explaining them the important terms through games, interactive sessions, etc. (Bridges, et. al., 2011). 3.Performing tasks through collaboration method is very helpful in every field. In education system, in business environment and in other fields require performing of task through collaborative activities. Interdisciplinary context of the education system helps children to improve their learning skills in their own way through interesting ways and it is also very important in terms of developing better roots of learning for future growth. As per the early childhood education system of Singapore, interdisciplinary context has helped them to improve their education system strong and effective because public of the Singapore were shifting towards the other countries especially for setting up their childrens future in terms of acquiring better education for them. As per the methodology adopted by the Singapore education system of providing the knowledge through interdisciplinary approaches to the students who are sent to the learning institutes in the very early age for their better grow th in the future and for improving their learning as well as communication skills so that they could set up their future in a brighter way (Jones, 2010). Recommendation As per the evaluation of the interdisciplinary approaches of learning and gathering required information of the professional and other course that are useful for setting up a great future and for performing the adequately in the outside world. These approaches include the performing through collaborative activities, though better coordination amongst the team members and it is being developed in the students performance through interesting and effective strategies and by acquiring adequate knowledge regarding the methods of the collaboration (Goldsmith, et. al., 2010). References Bindler, R. 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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Petruchio And Kate Essays - The Taming Of The Shrew, Love Stories

Petruchio And Kate In the beginning of ?The Taming of the Shrew?, some say Shakespeare portrays Katherina as a very shrewish figure. Others may argue that she is not shrewish but just a very strong willed person. At the end of the play some people say she is transformed into a very kind and gentle person, while again others will argue that she is not ?tamed? but just putting on an act to ?show up? her younger sister Bianca, whom has always been more beautiful and charming. Kate is ?like a wasp, like a foal, like foal that kicks from his halter; pert, quick and determined, but full of good heart.? 1. This statement made by one author, shows clearly that he does not see her as shrew-like, even at the beginning of the play. The same author states that at the end of the play she has not really transformed, rather she has just fallen in love with Petruchio, in essence she is free from torment because she is no longer seen as the shrew. In the beginning of the play Kate is ?consistently in opposition to everything around her?2, meanwhile ?Bianca obeys so gently and with such sweet submission that it is obvious why she is Baptista's favorite daughter?2. In the end of the play, the roles switch and Katherina is submissive to every word of Petruchio and Bianca resists the commands of her new husband. Kate's first reaction to Petruchio, her ?mad wooer?, is self-pity, and even her father feels that his treatment of her would ?vex a saint?. He takes her away from the home she is used to, with servants and maids to wait on her hand and foot, to the country. There she is away from the luxurious town life and is cold, hungry and tired. She somewhat learns to watch her temper and obey Petruchio so that he will feed her so she can survive peacefully rather than miserably. I believe that his method of taming her is not cruel yet very effective. He shows her that she can get much farther and live life a lot happier if she is nice and ?entreats? him rather than fighting him. One author (pattern in carpet) says that Shakespeare sees Katherine and Petruchio as in love at first sight. He says that their fights are partly like a game and partly a matter of egoism. He sees Katherine as ?testing? Petruchio making sure he is ?man? enough to put up with the worst of her and prove to be the husband she requires. Petruchio accepts her challenge with delight (and to get Baptista's money), passes all of her tests with ease and in fact does prove to be a suitable husband. Petruchio starts to tame her from the very first time they meet. He stays calm when she yells and does exactly the opposite of what she expects him to do. He continues his taming at the wedding by acting even worse than she does, and in a way, he paints a portrait of her for her to see. He believes that if she sees the way she acts by repeating her actions, that she will want to change, to be more pleasant. I think she acts the way she does in part because she doesn't realize what she does and to people and doesn't fully know why people call her the shrew. By repeating how she acts Petruchio not only tames her but he wins her love. Even on their wedding day Kate is still furious and does not want to marry Petruchio. She begins to declare that she will NOT marry him, but he cuts her off and gives her a kiss. Then he will not even let her stay for her own wedding dinner. I believe that this is all part of his plan to tame her. In the end of the play, some may say she is tamed, while others will say she has just plainly fallen in love. But any way you chose to look at it, she is definitely a changed person. When the other men call for their wives, they send back a reply stating that they are busy and just